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Ancient Living Basil Essential Oil - 10 ml

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Basil essential oil has a rich spicy aroma which is known for its strong anti-bacterial properties. When used as a massage oil it can give you clearer, glowing skin! When diffused at home it purifies the air by killing the germs. Thus, it keeps you away from infections, colds and coughs.


Basil Oil


SKIN AND HAIR BENEFITS: Basil essential oil can get rid of acne. It can be added to a homemade facial mask and applied onto the skin. This gets rid of acne and treats other skin problems. It prevents the outburst of blackheads and whiteheads when added to a homemade facial mask. Massaging basil oil into the scalp increases blood circulation and thus promotes hair growth and reduces excess hair fall. Basil essential oil can add luster to your hair when mixed with a homemade hair mask or to your shampoo or conditioner. If you are suffering from extreme dandruff, itchiness or dry scalp then massage this oil into the scalp. This helps in reducing dandruff accumulation and soothes the scalp. NOTE: For using basil essential oil for skin and hair, dilute it using a carrier oil (cold pressed almond oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil). A few drops will be sufficient to massage it into your skin. Whereas for hair, use it as per the need or requirement. HEALTH BENEFITS: Basil essential oil is a great remedy for stress-related headaches and migraines. Add a few drops to your vaporizer and diffuse it at home! Basil oil for cold is one of the best natural remedies. Diffusing it gets rid asthma, cold and cough. Basil essential oil is rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants. They soothe the nerves, lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Using basil essential oil in your bath will keep you away from infections and skin diseases . When added to a carrier oil and massaged into your skin it increases your blood circulation. It keeps you healthy and energized due to it's spicy, minty aroma. HOUSEHOLD BENEFITS: Basil essential oil acts as a good bug repellant. During summer, to beat the heat, add a few drops of this oil in a bottle of water and spray it all over your body. It has an immediate cooling effect which will leave you feeling fresh and energized. It can be added to floor cleaners, dish wash liquids and the like. It helps to keep your house and vessels smelling fresh while killing all the disease-causing bacteria.

How To Apply

Use in a Candle vaporizer or electric diffuser