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Ancient Living Eucalyptus Essential Oil - 10 ml

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Organic eucalyptus oil benefit is that it reduces stress, and we all know the role stress plays in causing unexpected hair loss. Regular use of eucalyptus oil can not only reduce hair loss but also promote hair growth by nourishing the scalp with mixed of any carrier oil.


Eucalyptus Oil


Eucalyptus oil : The leaves of selected Eucalyptus species are steam distilled to extract eucalyptus oil. It has a clear, sharp and fresh smell. Do you find it difficult to buy pure eucalyptus oil online? All our ingredients come straight out of our farm which makes the pure and therapeutic grade. BENEFITS: This Nilgiri oil uses range from skincare to aromatherapy. Eucalyptus oil benefits for skin and hair: Eucalyptus essential oil improves the thickness, shine, and overall health of the hair. Add 2-3 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil to your favorite shampoo or conditioner and use it. It can cure an itchy scalp when massaged into your scalp. One of the greatest benefits of eucalyptus essential oil is treating head lice. Add it to a carrier oil and massage it into your scalp. The most important benefits of eucalyptus oil for skin is that it makes it soft and supple. NOTE: For using eucalyptus essential oil for skin and hair, dilute it by using a carrier oil (cold-pressed almond oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil). A few drops will be sufficient to massage it into your skin. Whereas for hair, use it as per the need or requirement. HOUSEHOLD BENEFITS: Nilgiri oils have antiseptic properties that make it a great bathroom cleaner as it is a powerful germ killer. Diffuse it in your bathroom or add it to a bottle of water and spray. You can use it as a room freshener. Add a few drops of this oil to your diffuser and this will leave your room smelling clean and fresh. Eucalyptus essential oil contains many bug-repellent qualities. Thus, it can be used as a natural insect repellent. Keeping your floors clean and free from bacteria is now an easy job! Add a few drops of this to your floor cleaner. HEALTH BENEFITS: Eucalyptus oil has vast remedial and healing properties. It can be used for the treatment of cuts, minor wounds, blisters, and bruises. It also heals skin irritation and insect bites. Mix this oil with a carrier oil or any other medicinal agent and apply it to your problem areas. This oil alleviates runny noses, coughs, asthma and nasal congestion. Diffuse it and it's going to become your absolute favorite! When inhaled, eucalyptus oil can relieve stress, depressive thoughts, and day-to-day anxiety symptoms. During the hot months of summer, heat strokes become very common. Thus, your body needs instant cooling. Add of few drops of this oil in a bottle of water and spray it all over your body. Your body temperature will immediately start to fall. AROMATHERAPY: A lot of aromatherapists use eucalyptus essential oil for their cures. The inhalation of this oil helps your body relax. You can add a few drops of this oil to hot bathwater. The aroma and the steam will assist you to calm down and relax your sore muscles. NOTE: Eucalyptus essential oil is not water-soluble so you'll need to mix it with a dispersant prior to adding it to the water. Bath salts or whole milk are the best dispersants for this essential oil. Most of the aromatherapy benefits of eucalyptus essential oil can be accessed through the vapor. It is an excellent way to get rid of a stubborn headache caused by sinus issues. Eucalyptus oil for babies Did you know that eucalyptus oil is safe enough to be used for babies? But precaution and care need to be taken. It can be used to treat cold and flu. The best way to use eucalyptus oil for babies is to diffuse it in their room.

How To Apply

Use in a Candle vaporizer or electric diffuser