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Ancient Living Noughts & Crosses Board Game - 1 Pcs

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Kattam Vilayattu is an Indian traditional board game that is a fun revision of noughts and crosses also known as tic tac toe. Popularly known as Chaar Goti it is played between two players with four coins each. The player who gets four coins in a row first wins.

Although it sounds fairly simple this basic alignment game requires the players to think on their feet! The opposing players take turns to place their coins in indicated positions. Once all the coins have been placed the players move their coins alternately until one player gets four coins in a row. This requires immense concentration as well as strategic planning and dynamic thinking to emerge victoriously. It is a great way to improve observational skills, eye-hand coordination, and have fun at the same time. It helps in inculcating the habit of healthy competition at an early age while enhancing analytical and motor skills among children.

Kattam Vilayattu is a pocket game that can be carried around easily. It rejuvenates and refreshes the mind. This makes it perfect to have fun while traveling or to make any party more interesting. Come indulge in this fun board game and make lasting memories!