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Ancient Living Samudra Wooden Puzzle Board Game - Helps Improve Concentration - in Madhubani Art Form

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The Samudra Wooden Puzzle has mysteriously French origins. This board game was restored by us with the intention to keep this game alive while giving it an Indian twist. The puzzle, once fully constructed, turns into a beautiful piece of Madhubani Artwork. It’s a great way to bond with your family while also challenging your brain in ways it hasn’t been before!


The board game begins with a deconstructed puzzle of different fish and sea creatures that need to be pieced together. The individual fish, which have been beautifully painted, need to be placed in a very specific direction in order to finish the puzzle. However, the quite literal catch is that each fish needs to be placed back onto the board using a small fish pole with a magnet on the end of it. Each fish again has a magnet on it, which lets the fishing pole “catch” these fish. Finishing its construction will not only give you the pride of finishing a puzzle, but you will also be able to witness Madhubani artwork.