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Ancient Living Snake And Ladders Game Cheriyal Print - 1 Pcs

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This classic game of Snakes and Ladder is brought to you by Ancient Living in an eco-friendly and pollution-free avatar. Popular with the names of SaanpaurSeedhi in Hindi, Vaikuntapali in Telugu, and Paramapadam in Tamil, this game has been of significance in everyone’s childhood.

We know you sure own a Snake and Ladder board in your dusted cupboard, but this one is nothing like you’ve had before. Hand-stitched in Raw silk and woven with the finest fabric, this board demands to be in your playroom.

Crafted in Raw silk

The exotic and quintessential fabric of raw silk darts its origin way back to the Indus Valley Civilization. Its smooth and rich silk is non-slippery and the strongest of its kind. Reputed to be the finest and delicate form of fabric, it was the appealing choice of Ancient Living in the making of its most-loved games!

Hand-made Coins: The coins are made by the best of artisans using earth-friendly wood materials and natural color paint.

Fun in the Box: Packed in an Earth-Friendly Box for safekeeping and zero threat of damage.

Snakes and Ladder

India’s ancient board game brings to you 100 squares full of tricks and traps – a fascinating race that players of all age groups take part in! Rooted in our moral lessons; symbolizing the ups and downs in life, this game works on sheer luck. While the snakes send you crawling down, and ladders escalate you to the top, the player who reaches the 100th square first would be proclaimed the winner.

This fun-packed game of Ancient Living is in sync with the facets affecting the environment. While ladders symbolize positive aspects like organic farming, rainwater harvesting, usage of solar power, reuse and recycling, and sensible paper usage, while the negative factors which degrade the environment like cutting down forests, melting of glaciers, using plastics and oil spills portray are associated with snakes that pushes the player backward in the game. After all, education and game can go hand-in-hand!

Dimensions:36×36 cm