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Ancient Living Ylang Ylang Essential Oil - 10 ml

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There’s a reason why the flowers of the Ylang Ylang tree are called the ‘flower of flowers’. The sweet, exotic aroma of this essential oil has been a romantic favourite for centuries. Its aphrodisiac properties can bring out the suppressed sensuous side of you. It has the ability to calm and heal your heart as well.


Ylang Ylang Oil


Ylang Ylang uses are a multitude: SKIN AND HAIR BENEFITS Its skin and hair benefits date back to the Victorian era where it was used as a natural hair growth treatment. Very naturally, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is an effective natural treatment to reduce hair fall caused by stress. It stimulates hair growth when massaged into the scalp. For people with dry hair, this oil can be used as a natural conditioning agent. It increases the production of sebum, which keeps the hair healthy and conditioned. Add a few drops of it in your conditioner.You can rely on ylang-ylang essential oil for beautiful and glowing skin. It retains moisture and balances the oils that keep you young, smooth, refreshed, and hydrated. Add a few drops of this oil in a homemade facial toner. The anti-aging effects of this oil fight off free radicals which are responsible for premature aging, fine lines & wrinkles. Ylang Ylang essential oil can be used as a hair perfume or a natural deodorant. Add of few drops of this oil in a spritz bottle full of water to make your own ylang-ylang perfume! It has a long-lasting fragrance that remains on your body for long. Ylang-ylang oil has an intense fragrance that's perfect to use as a luxurious bath oil. You only need to add just a few drops to your bath water to achieve a nice scent that will linger on your skin. You can use the oil in an aromatherapy steam facial to refresh your skin. NOTE: For using ylang ylang essential oil for skin and hair, dilute it by using a carrier oil (cold-pressed almond oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil). A few drops will be sufficient to massage it into your skin. Whereas for hair, use it as per the need or requirement. HEALTH BENEFITS In aromatherapy, ylang-ylang oil is praised for its calming properties. It has a euphoric and sedative effect on the nervous system and improves your circulation. Add a few drops to a carrier oil to make your own ylang ylang massage oil. Use a ylang-ylang oil with a carrier oil to boost your immune system or just diffuse it at home/workplace. It can alleviate fatigue and get you motivated. It can help relieve body aches when used as a bath oil. Ylang-ylang oil is best known as an antidepressant. This oil helps in fighting depression as it will relax your body and mind. Add a few drops in your vaporizer and run it when you are feeling low. It can prevent bacterial infections and speed healing. Apply it topically to the affected area along with carrier oil. HOUSEHOLD BENEFITS It can be used to kill bacteria. Add a few drops to a small spray bottle of water and use it to clean hard surfaces or spray a refreshing tropical fragrance throughout your home. Diffuse it in your home and let its aphrodisiac magic speak for itself.

How To Apply

Use in a Candle vaporizer or electric diffuser